E1 I Am Waiting and Watching For You

The Vampire Girls of New England.

What do two young women, who both died at the age of 19, in Rhode Island, in the 1800’s, of diseases for which there was no known cure or treatment at the time have in common? Yes, all that stuff. But no one cares about that stuff. They were vampires! Or were they?

In the 1800's, diseases of all kinds were poorly understood, and when people couldn't understand why something bad happened to them, they'd often create a reason that made sense to them. 

And what better reason than vampires? Frankly, vampires are my go-to for weird stuff so often that I'm beginning to think it's a bit of a crutch. Maybe I should consider blaming the werewolves more often. But not the zombies. We reached peak zombie a while back, don't you think?


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*This podcast contains salty language that may not be suitable for all audiences.