E15 The Three Sisters


The Three Sisters: The So-Called Pirate Edward Jordan

There are pirates and then there are pirates.  Blackbeard was a pirate. He made his living roaming the seas and swashbuckling his way onto other vessels, killing pretty much everyone on board, and seizing the booty. That’s a pirate. 

Edward Jordan is often referred to as a pirate, but he was actually a farmer who came to the new world, decided to become a fisherman, got himself into some financial trouble, and tried to resolve this with a pistol and an ax.  That’s not a pirate, as we generally think of them. It’s just a guy who by virtue of committing his crime on a boat, and then taking off with the boat, ended up getting hung for piracy. 

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Edward Jordan                 Report from the trial of Edward Jordan            An Interesting Trial of Edward Jordan and Margaret his Wife


 This podcast contains salty language that may not be suitable for all audiences.