E8 Lost on the Diamond Shoals


Lost on the Diamond Shoals - The Carroll A. Deering

Cape Hatteras is a long, thin, broken strand of islands that curve out from the mainland of North Carolina. Extending out past them in the  ocean is an area known as the Graveyard of the Atlantic. It is here you’ll find the Diamond Shoals – a series of shifting underwater sandbars that stretch for miles and have been estimated to be the cause of as many as 600 shipwrecks.

And it was here that on January 31st, 1921, the Carroll a Deering, a large commercial schooner, was spotted run aground. When a rescue crew finally boarded, they found one of the great maritime mysteries of our time: a massive ship, driven high up on the shoal, with the sails set,  and not a single member of the crew left on board.

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Carroll A Deering                                   Ghost Ship Off Cape Hatteras   

Ghost Ship of Diamond Shoals                               The Legend of the Ghost Ship

  This podcast contains salty language that may not be suitable for all audiences.